February 22, 2018

Solar Pond Pumps

Solarpondpumps.org is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to providing unbiased and independent research on solar pond pumps. We've gathered input from industry experts - solar analysts, pump and water system engineers, solar installers as well as hundreds of consumers who have purchased, assembled and actually installed solar pond pumps, themselves. Our goal? To supply you with detailed information and advice to help answer your solar pond pump questions and concerns:

  • Not sure which solar pump is the best one for your needs? See our Guide to Selecting The Right Solar Pond Pump to understand pond pump jargon like "maximum head", "flow rate" and "magnetic drive" - all of which are important considerations when choosing a pump.
  • Your pump quit working? Read through our list of solar pond pump troubleshooting tips. Sometimes (but not always!) the fixes are really quite simple.
  • Interested in independent assessments of various pump manufacturers? We review many of the well-known brands like Instapark Pond Pumps, Smart Solar Pumps and more.

Note: This website is produced and maintained by Solarsons Media, a rapidly expanding, independent organization whose mission is to inform, review and evaluate solar products and services. Solarsons Media does not manufacture or distribute any products.

Reasons To Go Solar With Your Pond Pump

As you've started to sift through all the information available online about solar pond pumps, you've probably found a wide range of reasons to pick solar pumps over non-solar ones. Some of the information is true, some of it is hype -- no doubt. The best approach is to consider all sides of the issues and take the time to research the results from independent testing and reviews (especially when comparing the offerings of different solar pond pump manufacturers).

If you choose from among the best solar pond pumps on the market, you can count on the following benefits:

No Power Source Needed - Well, except the sun. And this means that you can put a solar pump just about anywhere, especially in remote locations which were previously unthinkable. You can now use a solar pond pump to provide roaming livestock with a fresh water supply (no more standing water). You can irrigate widespread crops and gardens. The possibilities are endless.

Energy Savings - Installing a solar pond pump means that you completely eliminate the electrical cost of running that pump. After all, all the power needed to run it is harnessed directly from the sun via the solar panel. How cool (or hot) is that?

Positive Impact On The Environment - The electricity generated by your solar pond pump is clean, renewable and reliable. Choosing solar, as opposed to coal powered energy sources, helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases - a major contributor to global climate change. So even if the only renewable energy initiative you ever undertake is by "going solar" with your pond pump, you've made a difference already!

Easy, Cost-Effective Installation - In most cases, all you have to do is unpack your solar pump, assemble the components, connect the solar panel to the pump and position both the pump and the solar panel. Within minutes, your solar pond pump is operational. There's no need to pay for an installation specialist or an electrician.

Aesthetic Freedom - A traditional pump requires a connection to an electrical source which means there's always an unsightly cord of some kind. Some pump owners spend money and/or time digging and burying a line. Others have to figure out how to "hide" the unsightly cord; perhaps by wrapping it behind a trellis, screen or fence. Solar pond pumps eliminate all this hassle because other than the wire that attaches the solar panel to the pump, there are no cords.

Need More Information On Solar Pond Pumps?

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